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Code of Ordinances/Charter

City Charter and Code of Ordinances


The City of Wylie has completed the recodification of its City Charter and Code of Ordinances through the Municipal Code Corporation (Municode).

The City’s Charter and Code of Ordinances can now be viewed through Municodes Online Library, which allows you to search the documents by specific topics or subjects. The Online Library is comprised of three sections:


1. Table of Contents
2. Document Viewing
3. Search Functions


City of Wylie - City Charter and Code of Ordinances


*To view any publication hosted on municode.com, you must have cookies enabled. Officially supported browsers are Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, and Netscape Navigator 6.2.3 or higher.

The above link to Municode will enable the viewing of ordinances passed through 2009-37, enacted December, 2009, not including ordinances passed in 2010. Below are ordinances passed in 2010 not included in the current code.


 Current Ordinances (2015)


If you have questions regarding city policies, resolutions and by-laws, please feel free to contact the City Secretary's Office at 972.516.6020.


About Municipal Code Corporation
Municipal Code Corporation has more than 50 years experience publishing Codes of Ordinances for local governments. Their experience includes original codification and updating. Municipal Code Corporation is committed to customer service and dedicated to staying abreast of technology.


Municipal Code Corporation is a private sector host for City/County ordinances. Contained on their website are Codes for more than 1,100 local governments in searchable online databases. They do not provide citizens with counsel, legal advice or research. If you are unable to locate the information you need by performing a keyword search on their site, then you may need to contact your local City/County Clerk's office to obtain detailed information, specific to your area and needs.

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