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2014 State of the City Address

Mayor Eric Hogue delivered his annual State of the City Address on Tuesday, March 25, during a special Chamber of Commerce luncheon held at the First Baptist Church Events Center.  Before taking the stage, a video titled "The Wylie Difference" set the tone for his presentation. 

Mayor Eric Hogue   State of the CityTranscript: PDF-The Wylie Difference
PPT: The Wylie Difference 
Video: The Wylie Difference 

Mayor Hogue began his speech by confirming that the state of Wylie is strong, followed by the question, “What is it about the nearly 36 square miles of our city limits that makes the Wylie Difference?” Avoiding detailed statistics, he mentioned the Wylie Independent School District, local businesses impacting Wylie and the world, the Smith Public Library, the recently opened Senior Recreation Center, Wylie Fire Rescue, and the Wylie Police Department.

Mayor Hogue recounted several stories reflecting the Wylie difference, including a response to an emergency medical call received by Wylie Fire Rescue. “A citizen fell off of a ladder while hanging Christmas lights and was transported to the emergency room. For many fire departments that would be the end of a successful story -- but not for Wylie. The firefighters not only provided care, but some stayed behind and completed the job of hanging the Christmas lights for this gentleman and his family. Now that is the Wylie Difference.” 

Acknowledging the recent tragedy in the city and expressing his sympathy for the families, Mayor Hogue continued by saying, “The terrible actions of a few do not define who we are. It’s our actions after such events and how we come together as a community, as a family, as Wylie. That is what makes us different. That is the true Wylie Way … the Wylie Difference.”  He reminded the audience that the City of Wylie saw a 12% drop in crime this year, following a 15% reduction in 2012. 

Mayor Hogue wrapped up the speech reflecting on his mother’s stroke last year and recent passing, “I never saw the Wylie difference more clearly.” He expressed how grateful he was for the outpouring of support from the citizens and local businesses in Wylie. Remembering how the owners and staff of Allen Funeral Home, The Wylie Flower Shop, Garnett Hill Rehabilitation, and many others went above and beyond normal business practices, he said, “Who does that?... the people of Wylie!”

“The state of our city is sound … our future is bright … and in Wylie we are wide awake and looking forward,” said Mayor Hogue in closing.  “This place is our home…it’s our Wylie …and that is the Wylie Difference.”


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