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Utility Billing

Increased Water Usage Results in Higher Water Bills
High water consumption paired with increased water rates has led to high residential water bills for the month of August, results similar to most North Texas cities. Wylie’s average daily consumption in August compared to the same time last year increased 4.2 million gallons (August 2014, 4.2 mil. gal.; August 2015: 8.4 mil. gal.). We have reviewed the gallons billed to residents versus the gallons pumped to Wylie by North Texas Municipal Water District and found the numbers are in line. 

Last year’s water restrictions limited watering to 2X a month compared to 8X a month this year. The 6 additional watering days coupled with the very dry month (approximately .5 inches of rainfall) meant more hours of residential sprinklers and soaker hoses running at homes in August, significantly increasing usage directly resulting in higher water bills. The last time that our customers could water 2X a week was the period from June 2012 through June 2013.

To cover the cost of higher wholesale water rates charged by NTMWD, residential rates have increased 20% since 2011. During that same period residential water usage dropped due to drought and water restrictions, limiting the bottom line impact on water bills. August 2015 residential usage compares closely with higher 2011 usage numbers, a year with similar weather and no restrictions.  

We understand your frustration and concerns and will work to answer questions and respond as quickly as possible. Please be aware that Utility Billing has re-read many of the meters with high readings and the numbers are accurate. Contact Utility Billing at 972-516-6100. 

Higher Water Usage? Answer These Questions…
How often do you run your sprinklers? How long per station do you run them? Did you run them more than prior years?
How often do you soaker hose your foundation?
Have you checked for a broken sprinkler head or leak?
Do you have a toilet that leaks?
Have you filled or refilled a pool? Does it have an automatic refill?
How long do you use your soaker hose and have you checked its condition?

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The utility billing division is responsible for the billing and collection of utility fees, meter services, mail posting, cash deposits for all departments and utility customer service.


The City of Wylie is served by three water districts: City of Wylie, East Fork and Wylie Northeast. To find out the water district that covers your area, set up your water service with the City of Wylie or ask a question about your water bill, contact Utility Billing.

Click here for watering restrictions and guidelines


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